Welcome to my little piece of creative heaven! This blog is where I will be posting the random creations and total disasters I create in my spare time. I’m a very artistic person at heart, and I have to be creating things on a regular basis for the sake of my own sanity. That’s why I decided to start this blog – to share with the world some of the things I would otherwise keep to myself (or my closet or garbage can).

I will be experimenting with arts and crafts I’ve never tried before, as well as sharing some personal projects I create for my photo shoots or fashion line. Yes, I’m also a photographer and designer. And a writer. And a painter. And I’m just going to stop there, because there’s no sense in telling all of my secrets right away!

In a nutshell, I refuse to choose a specialty. So enjoy the randomness!



PS, here are some useful links if you’d like to check out the different places you can find my other work:


Facebook Page



Redbubble (limited selection of prints and whatnot)


Facebook Page



*If any of the links don’t work, please let me know and I’ll update them as soon as I possibly can!


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